dos and don’ts while in Ladakh

DOS and DON’Ts, while you are in Ladakh.


Acute mountain sickness can occur to any one at an altitude above 10,000 ft. from the sea level. The most common symptoms of acute mountain sickness are headache; disturb sleep, loss of appetite, nausea, cough, irregular breathing, breathlessness, and lack of concentration. To acclimatise to Leh Town’s 11,500-foot altitude, follow these steps. To properly acclimatise, follow these steps.

  1. Take complete rest for the first 24 hours of your arrival at Leh. However, this period may vary with different people.
  2. Your body should get used to the lower oxygen levels.
  3. In case you develop any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please consult a Doctor.

In the Monasteries:

   While you are visiting a monastery, there are few things that you must keep in your mind:

  • Take off your shoes outside the Temple.
  • Using flashlight is not allowed if you are permitted to take pictures in the temple.
  • Strictly forbid smoking and drinking.
  • Don’t touch any object in the temple.
  • If there are prayers going on, do not make noise or do any disturbing act.
  • Do not talk bad words.
  • Always wear proper dress (full sleeves and full pants).

Keep Environment Clean:

  As a tourist, it is your responsibility to help us keeping our environment clean. Do not litter anywhere. Look for proper place to dump your trashes. Please help us to promote eco-tourism/eco-friendly tourism. Thank you.

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