Ladakhi Local Food

Many Ladakh resident does farming and the food from their fields is used to make the delectable dishes of Ladakh cuisine. Potatoes, Turnip,Radish, beans etc are prepared in a variety of ways and served alongside meals veg/non veg.Ladakh local food are mostly boiled and made from barley or roasted barley. Barley is the main crop of Ladakh, from what everything is made. Mutton is the most popular types of non veg in Ladakh cuisine.Sku and Thukpa (made of wheat flour), Paba (made of Barley and local Pea ), and khambir are Ladakhi staple foods (local bread). Some local food and beverages are:

  1. Paba: Made of Barley and local Pea
  2. Khambir: Local bread made of dough
  3. Skyu: Its like a Stiu or Pasta made of dough
  4. Chu Tagi: Double facing ear like design stiu or pasta made of dough from barley flour.
  5. Pakthuk: Flat noodle made of local barley flour
  6. Nrtamthuk: Soup made of roasted barley flour
  7. Dasthuk: Rice Soup
  8. Kholak: Dough made of roasted barley flour. Since its a roasted flour, you dont to cook them.It is the mot common breakfast in Ladakh consumed with Curd, Soup, Pickels etc
  9. Tangtur: Mix of Curd and fresh vegetables like ‘Shangsho’, ‘Ngyu’ etc. Preferred with ‘Paba’
  10. Tsachoo: Onion Soup mostly consumed with ‘Paba’
  11. Mok Mok: (Tibetan Origin)
  12. Thukpa: Noodles and Soup
  13. Gya Thuk: Flat noodle made of mostly refined flour (Tibetan Origin)
  14. Tims Thuk: Noodle with soup made of local dough
  15. Mok Thuk: Mok Mok with Soup (Tibetan Origin)
  16. Rguma: Sausage
  17. Tapu: Dry Stiu made of local dough and apricot seed

Beverages Hot/Cold

  1. Cha Khunak: Salty black Tea
  2. Cha Gur Gur: Butter Tea (Salty)
  3. Chang: Local Beer/Wine made of barley
  4. Arak: Distilled water/ local vodka made of barley
  5. Das Chang: Rice wine/beer
  6. Rgun: Chang: Grape wine, mostly made in the eastern part of Ladakh by Dardi/Aryans

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