Learning Ladakhi language

Basic information about learning Ladakhi language:The Ladakhi language is a Bodic (Tibetic) tongue that is used in Ladakh, an area governed by India. It is widely spoken in the Leh neighbourhood that is predominately Buddhist. Despite being a part of the Tibetic family, Ladakhi and Common Tibetan are not mutually comprehensible.

Before learning Ladakhi Language, you should know various dialects of Ladakhi, includes

  • Lehskat : Named for the city where it is spoken
  • Shamskat: Spoken in the region northwest of Leh
  • Stotskat: Spoken in the Indus valley/Eastern Ladakh.
  • Nubra: Spoken in the region north of Leh.
  • Purigi & Balti: These are spoken in the neighbouring Kargil area, which are related languages.

The Alphabets

Some Usefulll Ladakhi Dialects:

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