Traditional Dresses of Ladakh

Traditional Dresses of Ladakh

Traditional Dresses of Ladakh: Leh and Kargil, two significant Indian districts, are located in Ladakh, a new UT State. It is also one of the largest states, populated to a whopping 98 percent by tribes including the Changpa, Dardi, and Boto. People from various regions dress and carry themselves differently.

Some Common Traditional Dresses of Ladakh

  1. Goncha/Goss   – Upper Cloth worn by male mostly but younger female also wear them in some areas.
  2. Mogos     – Upper cloth worn by females only
  3. Phumet   – Female Upper cloth
  4. Kantop/Gonda – Hat worn by both male and female, but little different in design
  5. Skeyrags – Robe to tie upper cloth –for male and female
  6. Telayne – female inner dress/shirt
  7. Chaksten-female inner pajamas
  8. Thikme Paboo/Boot– Shoes worn by both male and female. Little different in design
  9. Nakdop: Boot made of skin and worn mainly in Eastern/ Changthang and Southern/Zanskar part of Ladakh
  10. Bok/Lhogor: It is worn by females mainly during some traditional events
  11. Perak: Worn by females on head. It is studded with turquoise stones and worn mostly during traditional/religious moments. When girls wear them they put the whole ornaments like Tsaroo, Ldocha, Kagoo, Tsonduss, Tunglak etc
  12. Kagoo: Gold (mostly) necklaces worn by females. Male also wear but mostly are made of silver and bronze.
  13. Tsazar: Traditional Scarf
  14. Tunglak: Bangle made of Conch Shell
People in Traditional Dresses
Girls wearing Perak, Tsazar,Tunglak etc
Dardi Girls in their Attire
Man in Goncha,Tsazar and Skerak & a Women in Perak (Head Gear), Bok, Mogos etc
Bridal Dress (Perak & bok are visible)

Although there many more dresses and ornaments, above are some common dresses people wear.

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